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Serving the Northwest Since 1989

State Contractor License: # CBI****000LH


(425) 483-8882

TOLL-FREE: (800) 735-3785

Our Services

Our service, moves, adds, and changes are billed out on a time-and-material basis with a 1-hour minimum. Anything after the first hour is charged in 30-minute increments rounded-off to the nearest half- hour.

All service orders will be responded to within 24 hours, and all adds, moves, and changes will be scheduled within 3 to 5 working days.

On some occasions, it is possible for us to quote you a bid price for work that might require installation, or move, add, or change of your telephone or computer equipment. Just contact your account representative prior to work starting, and we would be happy to accommodate you in any way we can. Our products are serviced by factory-trained technicians. In addition, full warranties apply if purchased from CBI Northwest.

Sales, Service & Installation:
  • Business Telephone-Systems
  • Voice-Mail Systems
  • Voice Over IP Solutions
  • T-1 / DSL / IP
  • Voice and Data-Network Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Leasing Available


  Authorized Dealer for These:
  • Panasonic Digital Phone-Systems
  • Meridian Norstar Phone-Systems
  • Avaya / Lucent / AT&T
  • New and Refurbished Equipment Available


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